Vehicle Smart Sticker

Your best vehicle assistant when you're away from vehicle.

How to protect privacy?

BeepBeep hides your contact number so that no one else can see or get your contact number. Strangers can only scan the QR code and notify you through the BeepBeep bot.

Do you know?

There have been a lot of scams recently, as long as your phone number is exposed, you have a chance to become the next victim.

Prevent Harassment
The harassers can't get your number through BeepBeep stickers to harass you.
Prevent Fraud
Scammers can't get your number through BeepBeep stickers to scam you.
Prevent Theft
Chances of being stolen will be reduced if passersby scan to inform you when your car door or window is disclosed.

What problems will be encountered?

No apps install
There are no applications needed to be installed.
Easy to setup
Paste on windscreen and Scan QR code.
Scan to inform
Requester only require to scan QR code to inform car owner.
Privacy protection
Phone number will not be shown.

How it works?

Is helping you with several services. You only have to scan the QR code which the car owner installs it onto the car windscreen (all information has privacy protection), after that he/she will be notified.

Let’s watch the video for more information.

How To Use?

Register in 3 simple steps!
1. Scan QR Code on BeepBeep Sticker
2. Fill in Phone Number and Car Plate Number
3. Send the pre-filled message

Your BeepBeep Sticker is now ready to be used!

Step 1 : Scan QR Code

Step 2 : Send Notification to Car Owner

Step 3 : Car Owner Moves His/Her Car



Normal Number Display

No personal info shown
Encrypt user number
Rewritable info
Show number to public
Number exposed
Fixed number

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